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Here is what people say about Larry

You have helped me see a healthier and more humane way of eating. You’ve
changed our family’s lives by sharing your approach to food.

Jenny Jacquot Knight

What I’ve learned in my experience with you and following of you on FB; how to
celebrate everything in life; live fully, delight in your life, the senses, move the
body, take chances, live freely, openly, celebrate life, laugh, love, DANCE!

Rebecca Barrett Luckenbach

I think you have a real gift, and you impart this to others, in living actively and
fully, in taking chances, and doing new things without fear.

Nancy Haire Rosenberg

You live life on your own adventures rather than on the coat tails of others!

Terri Fass Watt

Like David Sedaris with stage presence.

Dino Wiand, Comedian

One of the funniest people on the planet.’ I laughed so hard I thought I would die.

Byron Katie, Author of’ Loving What Is

He is equal parts hilariously inspired, deliciously insane, wildly human and totally relatable. There is no one like Larry Tadlock

Drew Droege, Actor

About Larry

Larry lives in Maui but often to travels to LA, NYC and Greece.  He has studied improvisation and sketch writing at the the Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles and the American Comedy Institute in NYC. He has performed standup at Gotham Comedy Club, Stand up NY, The Comedy Store, Stand up NY and the Improv. .

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